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Take the airport shuttle bus to and from Luleå Airport. The service is available from the bus stations in Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Älvsbyn and Övertorneå. Available from Monday – Sunday, morning and evening.

Airport shuttle routes (both directions)

  • Route 711 Haparanda – Seskarö – Luleå Airport
  • Route 712 Jokkmokk – Vuollerim – Luleå Airport
  • Route 713 Älvsbyn – Luleå Airport
  • Route 714 Övertorneå – Hedenäset – Luleå Airport

To book the airport shuttle please call +46 926-756 95

NB! We need your reservation before 5 pm the day before you intend to travel.

Departures morning and evening

Departures from the bus station are scheduled to arrive at Luleå Airport a minimum of 40 minutes before your flights departure time. The airport shuttle departs from Luleå Airport approximately 15 minutes after your flight’s arrival time. In case of delays, the airport shuttle will wait for you.

The timetable for the airport shuttle is synchronized with flights to and from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, with transfers scheduled every morning and afternoon. For specific departure times and dates, please call our customer service +46 926-756 95. You can also find information about departure times and fares in the timetable for each route (click on the timetable for more information).

No animals allowed. Maximum luggage 20 kg.

The number of seats is strictly limited.

Taxi service + airport shuttle

Book our taxi service connecting to the airport shuttle, to and from your final destination. The taxi service is available for booking at the same time as you book the airport shuttle.

Airport shuttle between Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur airport – route 910

Book our door to door airport shuttle (available within the city centre). This service is available as an ad-on when you book your flight. You can also book the airport shuttle at our customer service.

NB! We need your reservation before 5 pm the day before you intend to travel (2 pm on Saturdays).

For more information and booking, call our customer service +46 926-756 95

Fax +46 926-756 60 (for airport shuttle only)

Order form for airport shuttle (fax).



Bus station Adult Youth * Family **
Haparanda 340 170 680
Jokkmokk 360 180 720
Älvsbyn 260 130 520
Övertorneå 360 180 720
Arjeplog 310 155 620

* until 18 years
** maximum 5 people, 1-2 adults, 3-4 Children 18 or under