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Together we stop the infection 💙

Länstrafiken follows the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and asks you to do the same:

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All restrictions for travel by public transport have been removed and you can travel with Länstrafiken Norrbotten as usual again.
We are finally reopening the front doors on our buses *, which means you have to step through the front door when you travel with us.

Even though the restrictions on travel by public transport have been removed, the pandemic is not over. Therefore, it is important that you keep this in mind when traveling:
– Show consideration and consideration – others may still be worried about infection even if you are not.
– Never travel if you have symptoms that could be covid-19.

* There may be local deviations on some bus lines where the front door is still closed, these buses will gradually open their front doors when the move of the ticket machine is complete.

All restrictions on public transport will end on 29th of September


From 29th of September, the regulation HSLF-FS 2020: 12 will be removed. This means that all recommendations regarding keeping a distance and avoiding congestion in, for example, public transport are removed. The general guidelines were also directed at public transport to ensure that the traffic can be driven to the extent necessary to reduce the risk of congestion and to inform its passengers about how they can reduce the risk of the spread of infection.

From 29th of September, we in Norrbotten’s public transport will gradually remove information concerning Covid-19 and adapt our operations to the reality that prevails then.

Passenger restrictions on long-distance public transport will be removed


From 15 July, the Government has decided that passenger restrictions on long-distance public transport (route over 150 km) will be removed. Avoiding crowds and following the general advice remains very important.

More info about this can be found on the Public Health Agency’s website >>

Recommendations will be removed on July 1st

From 1 July, according to the Government and Public Health Agency’s plan, several recommendations and regulations will be removed. What mainly affects public transport, both you as a traveler and us as operators are:

  • The advice on mouth protection in public transport during rush hour disappears.
  • The advice on restrictions on the number of passengers / vehicles in public transport is removed.

On July 15, more changes are planned for public transport. If the spread of infection continues to decrease, the regulation with only 50% occupancy on lines with a line length of more than 150 km will be removed.

Reinforced restrictions in Norrbotten


Stricter advice and restrictions from Infection Control Norrbotten now apply. The purpose is to stop the increasing spread of covid-19 in Norrbotten.

Follow the advice to avoid infecting others and becoming infected with covid-19 yourself. The reinforced restrictions apply until 13 June.
Everyone must take personal responsibility and do their utmost. Do not search for what is allowed. Instead, consider what is appropriate.
Everyone, whether you have had covid-19 or are vaccinated, should follow the advice to protect yourself and others.

Read more about what applies to us who stay in Norrbotten >>

Restrictions for long-distance public transport over 150 km


New restrictions are introduced for long-distance public transport over 150 km. We are now working to see how our traffic is included and what arrangements we can take to comply with the regulations.

The Government’s decision regarding restrictions on long-distance public transport >>

Travelers are encouraged to wear face mask


It is the passenger’s responsibility to procure face mask prior to their necessary journey from 7 January 2021. However, Länstrafiken plans, in accordance with the recommendation, to offer travelers a face mask upon presentation of a valid ticket. The face masks are for those who have not had the opportunity to arrange their own and the number is limited.
The handing out of face mask will take place via Bussgods in the county during regular opening hours as soon as we have the face masks in place.
We will not provide face masks on board the buses and we will not be able to control the use of face mask. The responsibility to follow the recommendation from The Public Health Agency of Sweden lies with the traveler.
Drivers are not covered by the recommendation to wear a face mask.

FAQ about covid-19 (external link The Public Health Agency of Sweden) 


For information in other languages: Arabic ( عربى), Finnish (Suomalainen), Meänkeili, Northern Sami (Davvisámegiella), Persian ( فارسی), Somali(Soomaali) and Tigrinya ( ትግርኛ) – see bottom of page.

Recommendations on mouth protection in public transport

The government and The Public Health Agency of Sweden have issued a new national guideline for travel by public transport, which will take effect on 7 January.

The new guidelines mean that recommendations for mouth guards will be introduced in public transport during certain times. The Public Health Agency of Sweden will return with a guide on how to introduce oral protection. We await those messages and will return with more details as soon as we know more.

For you who have no choice but to travel by public transport

Keep a distance from drivers and fellow passengers: We ask you to show consideration and keep your distance when you travel with us. Spread out on the bus, keep your distance at the ticket office and at the stop, let those who get off the bus do so before you board yourself.

Avoid traveling during rush hour: Here you as a traveler have a personal responsibility by waiting for the next bus or choosing another mode of transport if it is crowded on the bus that arrives. Keep in mind that travel usually increases towards the weekend (Fridays and Sundays), so choose another travel day if possible.

Buy digital tickets. We ask you to buy your ticket in advance via the app or load the bus card in our web shop.

Only boarding in the middle / back door of the bus. Validation of a ticket / purchase of a ticket takes place at the front door where the ticket machine is placed in the doorway. Then you get off the bus and get on board via the middle / back door.

Buses/departures to keep an extra eye on

These departures usually have many travelers. Choose another departure if possible.

Bus 14:
Dep 06:55 from Luleå
Dep 15:10 from Luleå
Dep 14:30 from Piteå Strömbacka
Dep 16:00 from Piteå Bstn

Bus 28:
Dep 07:05 from Boden

Bus 28:
Dep 07:05 from Boden

Bus 32:
Dep 07:45 Älvsbyn Västermalm (mondays)

Bus 44:
Dep 05.50 from Jokkmokk to Luleå

Bus 50:
Dep 14.00 from Kiruna to Vittangi

Bus 61:
Dep 06.35 from Överkalix to Kalix

General recommendations

Together we can curb the infection. It is important that we continue to follow the general advice:

  • Stay home even if you just feel a little sick.
  • Keep a distance from others both indoors and outdoors.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
  • Refrain from social contexts with a larger number of participants.
  • Work from home if possible.
  • Test yourself for symptoms.
  • Visitation restrictions apply at Norrbotten Hospital.

Everyone in Sweden has a responsibility to prevent the spread of covid-19.

According to the Infection Control Act, everyone in Sweden has a responsibility to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as covid-19. Here is information on what you need to keep in mind when traveling within the country:

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