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Fares and tickets

The simplest way of calculating the price of your fare is by using the Travel Planner. Enter the place of departure and your destination, and you will receive necessary information concerning your trip; the fare, times of departure and arrival, and possible bus changes. Note that you cannot pay for your fare with cash, only by credit card.

Web shop

In order to use this service you need to register your pass, under “Register Bus Pass” in the main menu. It is possible to have several passes registered and simply choose between them, using a drop down menu in the web shop. Load your pass with a minimum of 100 SEK and a maximum of 4 000  SEK.

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Bus Pass

As a bus traveller you only need one bus pass for travel anywhere within Norrbotten, as it covers all bus services within the county. You can both collect and load your bus pass in the nearest bus station or when boarding. The pass is free of charge, and will give you cheaper fares on return-tickets, discount passes and season tickets. You may still travel by purchasing a single ticket, but travelling with a bus pass is more advantageous. Register your bus pass so that if you should loose your pass, you can block it. We guarantee that all your deposited funds will be transferred to a new bus pass. You will find information and registration forms in the menu to the right.

Mobile Ticket

You receive a 10% discount on regular prices, when buying your ticket through our Länstrafiken i Norrbotten app for mobile phones. Buying tickets using your mobile is both simple and smooth. It does not require web registration, access is immediate and you will have both the time table and your ticket ready in your mobile phone.

Download the app by searching for ”Länstrafiken i Norrbotten” in App Store or Google Play.


Norrlandskustens Buses route 100 between Haparanda-Luleå-Umeå, offers the supplementary ExpressPlus service.

 ExpressPlus includes the following:

  • Spacious seats and leg room
  • Coffee and sandwich
  • Earphones to the bus stereo
  • An electrical power outlet for your lap top
  • A selection of magazines and newspapers for reading

The additional charge for ExpressPlus is 100 SEK, and must be booked at the latest the day before departure, on 0771 – 100 110. An upgrade to ExpressPlus when boarding may be possible, subject to availability.

Pay on board

All our buses are cashless, but you may pay with credit card on board, or buy your ticket at the bus station. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Eurocard. We also accept Maestro and Visa Electron, but for online purchases only.

Travel alerts on your mobile phone

Fill in your telephone number and click on the routes for which you would like information via SMS concerning cancellations and delays. We use cookies to remember your choices, if you need to make changes next time you visit the page.

Luggage handling for mountain lovers

Hiking is convenient and stress free with the bus! The bus driver takes care of any luggage you don’t want to carry in the mountains, and delivers it later to a place you agreed on. Do you want to know more about bus deliveries and Bussgods? Contact the bus driver or the mountain station.

The service costs 135 SEK per item.