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  • Fur animals such as dogs and cats travel with us for free.
  • All animals must be kept tethered or stored in the intended bag or cage and travel on the floor. Smaller animals can be kept in the lap but must not be placed on a seat.
  • A traveler with a fur animal must go on board through the middle door, where there is one. Exceptions for guide dogs who are usually trained to enter through the front door.
  • The fur animal may only stay in the rear or upper part of the vehicle to make it easier for people who are allergic. Everyone can travel by public transport, so it can never be completely allergy-safe.
  • Guide dogs and signal dogs travel with the passenger at any location in the vehicle.
  • It is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 fur animals / traveler.
  • Anyone traveling with animals is responsible for its safety, and risks being rejected or denied boarding if the fur animal is judged to be disturbing to another traveler or staff.
  • The guidelines for animals on the bus are the same in our neighboring counties of Västerbotten, Jämtland and Västernorrland, but there may be regional deviations on certain routes.
    In Norrbotten, it is not allowed to bring animals on board lines 17, 18 and 98 and on the demand-driven trips.