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A pram/stroller may be brought free of charge by the traveler.
When you travel with Länstrafiken, there are two different types of buses, and this differs between different lines and trips.

When traveling with buses that have steps when boarding (normal floor bus) and double deckers in regional traffic, the pram must be folded and placed in the luggage compartment. For safety reasons, the pram must not be stored in the bus’ passenger compartment.
If you are traveling with a small baby, you should bring your own baby seat to be able to fasten it to the bus seat.

When traveling by bus without a level difference when boarding (low-entry bus), the pram may be stored in the bus’ passenger compartment, subject to availability. This is because low-entry buses are used in public transport, which refers to short and fast commuter journeys where travel needs to take place in an efficient and easy way. The pram must be placed in the designated place. This is the same place where wheelchairs should be placed. Wheelchairs always have priority.