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Bicycles may be brought free of charge, subject to space in the cargo area. Unloading and loading of bicycles takes place only at the bus station, not at individual stops. When the trip includes a bus change or there is no space, the bike can be sent for a fee as Bussgods in case Bussgods is offered. Bicycles that are taken into the cargo hold must be well packed to avoid being damaged or damaged by other goods.

Bicycles can not be taken on lines 28, 30, the express buses on the Norrland coast ex lines 98, 100 and buses in city traffic.

Kick-bike, electric scooter or foldable bike

Vehicles that are foldable and portable and are less than 120 cm in the folded position can be taken on the bus free of charge, subject to space.

When traveling by bus without a level difference when boarding (low-entry bus) in regional and local traffic, you must store your folding means of transport on the floor in the passenger compartment. Keep in mind that it must not take up a seat or be placed so that it blocks aisles or exits as this may prevent a quick evacuation of the bus.

When traveling with buses that have steps when boarding (normal floor bus), you must fold your means of transport for safety reasons and store it in the luggage compartment under the bus.

On small buses, folding means of transport may be taken if space allows.