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As of December 11, 2022, there will be changes to the bus timetable on the Norrland coast. The stretch between Haparanda and Luleå is most affected, where the trips will be fewer during both weekdays and weekends.

– This is a planned change that has to do with the fact that travelers can now also choose the train between Haparanda and Luleå. In a situation where we have had a lot of disruption to coastal traffic, the conditions are also improved so that we can run a more stable traffic during the remaining trips, says Malin Fältmark, traffic manager at Länstrafiken.

Between Haparanda and Luleå there are 10 trips in each direction on weekdays. This will be reduced from December 11 to 6 trips in each direction. During Saturday and Sunday, the frequency of trips is reduced from 6 trips daily to 2 trips daily in each drawing.

Looking at the different lines, the change means that line 100 will stop serving the Haparanda-Luleå route completely. Instead, the new line 11 will be introduced on the route. Bus line 98 will disappear completely with the changes.

– When we have worked out the new timetable, the first priority has been to avoid reductions for work and study commutes as far as possible, says Malin Fältmark.

One reason for the change is that the current traffic operator has not had the capacity to run full traffic on the route, which has led to delays and canceled trips. The change is also motivated by the fact that today there are trains running the route Haparanda-Luleå, which gives travelers on the route other options.

– That the number of bus trips is decreasing must be seen in that context. Together with the train, there are overall more options and greater freedom of choice. But today, when we have had capacity shortages on the coast of Norrland, we also see that the change can contribute to making the tours that do run more reliable, says Ingela Karlsson, former CEO of Länstrafiken in Norrbotten.

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Disruption in coastal traffic

We currently have traffic disruptions on the Umeå–Haparanda coastal stretch. The disruptions are due to a shortage of vehicles combined with a shortage of drivers, which has meant that tours have had to be cancelled, sometimes at short notice.

Disruption in coastal traffic

Timetable changes Norrlandskusten

The stretch between Haparanda and Luleå is most affected, where the trips will be fewer during both weekdays and weekends.

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