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We currently have traffic disruptions on the Umeå–Haparanda coastal stretch. The disruptions are due to a shortage of vehicles combined with a shortage of drivers, which has meant that tours have had to be cancelled, sometimes at short notice.

– We have ended up in a bad middle position where we are phasing out a vehicle fleet and are about to bring in a new subcontractor with new buses. We understand that this creates uncertainty and irritation for our travelers and regret it. Unfortunately, there is no simple and quick solution at the moment, but we are working as hard as we can to avoid our passengers being affected, says Malin Fältmark, traffic manager.

Due to a protracted legal process, Länstrafiken has not been able to conclude an agreement with a new subcontractor, i.e. one or more bus companies that will run the buses on behalf of Länstrafiken. This has led to heavily used vehicles being exposed to abnormal wear and therefore, for safety reasons, must be taken out of service more often, to be serviced.

– This, combined with the fact that the entire industry has difficulty recruiting drivers, means that we have ended up in a temporary but abnormally bad situation. Travelers must be able to trust that the bus will arrive and that they will arrive safely and comfortably. These are our obvious goals, says Ingela Karlsson, acting CEO.

A new agreement with a new supplier and new vehicles is in place on 1 April 2023. Until then, Länstrafiken is trying to solve problems that have arisen in dialogue with the current supplier, Transdev.

In December, there is a planned change in the timetable with slightly fewer trips. This will free up both vehicles and drivers for the remaining tours. Our hope is that it can improve the situation.

If you have been affected by the disruptions and want to make compensation claims, complaints or other points of view, you are welcome to contact us:




Current buses are in a bad condition, it is cold and sometimes it has rained, how will it be handled during the winter?

We know that many of the buses are worn and have traveled a long way. It has to do with the fact that the current traffic agreement has been extended and is now going into overtime. A bus may not be used in traffic if it has not undergone certain checks before departure, the bus company must ensure this. During the autumn, we also carried out our own checks of the vehicles, as we have received indications that there are deficiencies.

You say you have a shortage of bus drivers, what are you doing about it?

We procure bus companies and part of the bus company’s responsibility is to staff with bus drivers. We can state that the shortage has affected us and that is of course not good. The signals from the bus company are that they try to resolve the situation as best they can, but sometimes they don’t succeed. For each canceled trip, the bus company pays a penalty of SEK 10,000.

Why is it difficult to recruit bus drivers?

There is a general shortage of drivers in the industry, which has worsened the situation in Norrbotten with canceled tours mainly along the coastlines. According to the Transport Companies, the industry is facing major challenges in the form of increased skills needs, a high proportion of older people in the workforce and a reduced number of individuals with C and D driving licences, which will increase the difficulty of finding the right skills. It is the responsibility of the procured bus company to staff the buses with drivers.

If the bus passes my stop without stopping, am I entitled to compensation if I order a taxi for my then planned journey?

If there is a delay or a trip is canceled (regardless of the reason) where you will be at least 20 minutes late to your final destination, you always have the option to arrange your trip yourself, with your own car, taxi or other transport and bear the cost of it. You can then, afterwards, apply to Länstrafiken for compensation for expenses incurred, for taxis up to SEK 1,208, or your own car SEK 18.50/mile (max. SEK 1,208).
More information: Delay compensation

Why does it take so long before I get feedback from customer service?

There is very high pressure on Länstrafiken’s customer service at the moment. Therefore, the response times may be longer than usual, but we do everything we can to ensure that everyone receives an answer.

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Disruption in coastal traffic

We currently have traffic disruptions on the Umeå–Haparanda coastal stretch. The disruptions are due to a shortage of vehicles combined with a shortage of drivers, which has meant that tours have had to be cancelled, sometimes at short notice.

Disruption in coastal traffic

Timetable changes Norrlandskusten

The stretch between Haparanda and Luleå is most affected, where the trips will be fewer during both weekdays and weekends.

New timetables from 11 Dec