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Länstrafiken i Norrbotten AB is owned by the Regional Public Transport Authority (RKM) in Norrbotten. RKM is organized as a municipal association with Region Norrbotten and the county’s 14 municipalities as members.

RKM’s task is to coordinate and develop public transport in Norrbotten County. RKM is responsible for decisions on traffic obligations, frequency of trips and tariffs. Länstrafiken works with general public transport through a network of buses. Länstrafiken also works on delegation from RKM with travel service trips and on behalf of Region Norrbotten with sick trips.
Link to RKM Norrbotten website: http://www.rkmnorrbotten.se (opens in new window)

Each year, around 1.8 million passengers travel with Länstrafiken’s buses. The traffic is handled by around 30 independent transport companies, which have agreements with Länstrafiken. In total, the transport companies employ approximately 400 drivers and 206 buses.

Länstrafiken operates 145 lines. 26 lines are base lines, i.e. lines with traffic across one or more municipal boundaries. The base lines are financed by Region Norrbotten. Other lines are local lines, i.e. with traffic within municipal boundaries and call-controlled lines, which are mostly financed by the individual municipalities.

Currently, Länstrafiken i Norrbotten AB has approximately 45 employees and a turnover of approx. 500 million. The head office is located in Överkalix. This is also where our Customer Service is responsible for traffic information for our customers on 0771-100 110 as well as medical trips throughout the county and orders for travel service trips in 13 of the county’s 14 municipalities.